Winter garden Centre
Ferry Terminal

My way of life is not simplified to best, one moment can be the happiest and another can be changed in an instant. Nothing was the same any more, I could never wait for anyone to turn up at the right time. Not everything worked out the way I plan, my heart can not control my brain, my heart can only make me live. It made can't make choices. My brain made up all of it, but my hearts regrets.

The river flows out to the sea, though the lands, reflecting the sky. I wanted my life to be like a river, I want it to flow through so easily. I don't want my life to stop now, but sometime, you might need to stop and think about it, it can flow to lands but if it starts to flood, everything is ruin.

I love to read I love to write, what so you love most, football ( Liverpool // Manchester) , movies, food, holiday, internet, Facebook, social, friends and VLT very important things. these are some of the things that might pop up.  

may you rest in peace: Malaysia Airlines MH17
all will be missed.

Take time to make decisions, make it right and life will be perfect. It will flow though like the water in the river.

Thanks for reading

(photos taken by  me: iphone5/Samsung Galaxy S4/Olympus)

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