Want to Win a Free One month Stay in Thailand in the “One and Only” Contest

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched an online contest designed to further grow exposure of the kingdom’s “Thainess” products across social media networks. Participants are eligible to win a free one-month stay in Thailand as well as a range of free short-stay holidays, including a top prize of a luxury package. Non-Thai travellers from around the world as well as Thai citizens are invited to sign up for the “One and Only” contest. For foreigners, the applications are open from now until 30 April 2015, while Thai people can join this campaign starting in May 2015.

For more information, please visit: http://www.tourismthailand.org/discoverthainess

12 things you need to do before travelling oversea (Thailand)

Plan a holiday

  1.  Know where exactly where you are!
  2. Where are you going?
  3. What is your budget?
  4. Do you know anyone at the place you are travelling to?
  5. Find the best travelling date for you (or for others)
  6. Find a travel agency online or phonebook
  7. Do research for best price ( but don't take too long )
  8. Book ticket(s) (way before travelling)
  9. Wait
  10. Get on your Plane!
  11. Have Fun and be adventurous!
  12. Enjoy it!
For me, my situation
  1. I am in one of the city in Australia
  2. Bangkok, Thailand
  3. $3000 Australian dollars
  4. Yes, friends and family
  5. look through ( Flight centre, student flight, STA travel and Ect.)
  6. Travelling set for christmas time through New year 2015
  7. Found STA travel and Thai airway, gave the agency a call, talked and even had a $300 discount. I recommend using the Thai airway when travelling to Thailand.
  8. Booked within a week 
  9. waited 2-3 months
  10. Got on the plane
  11. It was amazing
  12. Enjoy it the most!!!
First week in Bangkok ( 4 stars Hotel)

Best Western Plus @20 Sukhumvit

Best Hotel Deal Click here: Hotel Club ( Best western in Sukumvit)

Exploring Bangkok During Night Time

Thailand gave me such a great holiday everywhere I went was so nice and food was so nice. I love every bit of my holiday. I love being on holiday, I was relax and calm. no worries about any work or anything. holiday mode kick into me sick I got on the plane. Thailand is a beautiful country and have a wonderful culture within itself but no one is willing to step up and make it world wide known. make it an even more better and clean country. where people will take a holiday and make it an joyful place for every single person who visits. 

Thanks for reading and checking out. 
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11 April 2015

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