How to write a Blog?

Once in my life someone told me, that when you are writing a Blog, it's really different from writing an essay, or a report. When you write a blog, it comes from inside of your heart not from the internet or books you have read. Every blog post should be about the things you love and the things you like to talk about, A blog is something for you to share your thoughts, thinking out load and sharing all the common things you may have with many random and awesome people like you.

Have you notice something in out social life? Everything today is a Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Intagram. Everything you use is like a blog. Facebook, is a for sharing photos, events, life style, every single thing you do really. Twitter, is a written and photographic blog as well as Instagram. I my self did not find this out on my own,  That someone had told me and explain to me and now I get it. A blog is somewhere for all your social network, sharing your thoughts on Photography, Holiday, Reviews, what ever it may be your interest can go to if you feel like your brain is full. Sharing on a blog post is a wonderful thing you can do, I considered my Blog to be a helper Blog, I write my Blog from my big heart sharing all the tight and wrong things that I do in life. Sharing my opinion in life, and how I deal with it in everyday life. I may have said in my previous post If anyone did read it. I use love to take photo, have a break once or more a week, it keeps life happy. 

Anyone that wants to give Blogging  a go. Just do it, It did not take me that long to starting AintsamBlog, everything just fell together and here I am writing my own Blog. I am happy to write and hopeful people will read and find my Blog interesting, I love to write rather than think alone in my head getting all of my thoughts out and freeing up the full spaces inside my brain. I think it was faith that brought me here to write a blog and sharing my thoughts on many things that I do in my every Blog post. When I read other Blogger who writes similar things to me I felt every word that was written in that post. I felt the emotion that the blogger had expressed out in words. I don't really do this for a living, I write because I'm happy, not because I have to. I hope AintsamBlog reaches out to many in a situation like mind and hopefully it might inspired someone to start writing a blog and sharing their story too.....

"Be Strong, Believe In Yourself, Love With You Heart & Be Yourself
Be Happy"

Thanks for reading and checking out. 
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