I love to Travel and I hope you guys like it too.

Because I am someone who like to travel, I tend to travel a lot more to places, not only with my holiday and breaks but with my work/ morning routine. Work is a place you may love the most and sometime you might hate it. but between the hours of working. try your best to enjoy the life you have, No one wants to work in sadness till their died.....

Work and Business Routine:

1. I get ready.

2. Leave hope and catch the train to work place.

Takes me around 40 Minutes to get from my train station for work

3. Walk 5 minutes to the work place or meeting area.

I usually take one stop before work and walk around 5- 10 minutes to work, little bits of exercise in the morning is always a great boost


5. Morning break.....

This is what we do during our little break (15 minutes felt like 2 hours of fun) 

6.Work/ Meeting (Boring and Headache time......)

7. Lunch.....

8. Work till end of Work!

9. End of work.

This is the best time of the day. where I can be myself the most and be happy around friends and family and love to give lots of joy to others and myself. It's the time of the day where I can let go of everything and just do snapshots of everything around me.

10. Photography time before heading back to the train station and home......

Thanks for reading and checking out. 
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