What's going on in that beautiful Mind?


What is on your mind?

Today I decided that I should starting writing a journal in a book with empty space rather than the computer, because I can always share those ideas later on AintsamBlog. Time might take over and I forgot what I was thinking about yesterday, so this journal will travel with me and go to different places with me and I will write many things in it...........

Here a little bit of the first Page:

     " Starting this journal was very hard and unhappy, as my day progress, it was my very least favourite of them all, but I have decide that I will write something. My world is not that beautiful after all, nothing in this world is perfect, I am sad to always see people/ family who have so many arguments and fights with them self, I my self is a witness and I never wanted to be a part of anything like it. Something I feel like it's the end if the world for my, one more step and I am gone for ever, not coming again to see any sins that human are gathering. People says life is short, but sometime I do think it's too long, that's why I work, I live and I enjoy my life as much as I can, because there are so much time in your hand. People needs to stop saying they have no time, No time for me means "your dead" "

 ...........and that it part of guys will do a full one soon next AintsamBlog...........

How do get to Canada, lake Ontario? You ask?

If you considering travelling. First thing first, make your to have a great deal of money in your back account. Find the nearest airport.  Like New York J.F.K airport, take a direct flight to Toronto and the lake is the first thing you see. for more cities....

check: Triadviser or Contiki
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Thanks for reading and checking out. 
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