These are some photo I took a long my trip to China Town, It was such a sunny day and I love to enjoy some sun once in a while and love to walk and explore. I was a little disappointed about the market though it was not that big like I was expected. everything was there for me to talk photo and Vlog about but it was not enough for me. The architectural of the build where not really well made, it didn't look anything Chinese except the word China Town

So we have decided to hop along the road to James St, Brisbane to check out the organic market and pick up some lunch there. the restaurants and cafe is really nice. but we didn't feel like those food. so we returned back to China Town to have some noodles at the Vietnamese restaurant there instead.   

I really love the cafe and  Greenhouse, the great coffee and the strong smell of the burger was such a great scent, everyone was out and about enjoying every bit of the sun shine in the late winter season. The Greenhouse was such a great place to visit everything was so nice and natural looking, but I ought everything is organic and natural. But I still enjoy looking and visiting all these shop | pop-up shop their called. 

Took a little ferry trip up the down the river to Hamilton Island, to a twilight market, my camera ran out of battery and I did not take spare one, even my phone ran out of battery. So these two are the last photos that I took along the river side of Brisbane city. I love the night market, my friends did not love it that much, But I really enjoy the music and the food they had there, wish it was a lot closer to my place so visiting it could be easier. Blue sky, afternoon sunshine and cold night breeze just turns my way of life in Brisbane around, it was never what I was expected to have in Brisbane city, where my thoughts were having full-on sun for the whole year.

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