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Are you bored of life? What to do with life?

Another love one in my life has past away this day. Time has passed quick. never regret what you do. Always do your best in everyday life. Live that life that you always wanted. Never forget the love one you left your. Always remember them, everyone who ever passed aways from your life. 

People always say, "happy wife is a happy life". But what if your not happy, when you are happy life becomes more interesting than it is. I use to find life boring and depressing. A thought came to my mind, that life is really short and I can no longer live and think of life the way I used to. Be kind and have courage, be the person you really want to be, luck can never run out, only if you never give on life yet. Time will fly faster than lightning, but lighting comes only when there's a storm. But you only have this one life, as Dr, Seuss have quoted: 

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened” 
 Dr. Seuss

Just like a life that is in the palm of your hand, expressing your sadness when someone passed away is grief. But your love one would want you to carry on with life. Some soul may still be lost and wonder nearby, but they are nearby because they still love you and want to always be with you. They soul have left the body and the body is lifeless, but that doesn't mean that you are lifeless too. What many people and wonderful people have taught me is that whatever happened to you this life, is what you did in the past life.

"Sins and Merits"

merit is the consequence of a virtuous act, due to which we experience happiness.
A sin is the consequence of a bad act and it brings us sorrow in return. Sins are generated by those acts which are responsible for someone else’s decline.

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11 April 2015

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