Bachelor Pad Interiors 2015

Some useful interior design tips for creating that bachelor’s pad that you’ll love coming home to – making it more user-friendly, comfortable and fun to live in. Remember it’s your space, no one else’s. So make it your own.
1) Always choose the simplest option. When it comes to Bachelor pads, less is more. Simple means easier to install, easier to clean and easier to use. Keep things minimal and uncluttered. Relaxing, clean lines are easy to live with and maintain.
2) Have a feature piece/object in the main room that you can enjoy and/or relate to eg. pool table, record collection, mini bar etc..
3) Include what you really want, and eliminate anything you don’t like or won’t use. Don’t go spending money on a professional cooking range if you don’t cook. However, if you do love to cook, go ahead and hang that top of the range pot rack or have that cutting board inset installed in your counter. Show-off those things that you know how to back up. Look for items that express who you are. Too many single men furnish their homes with items that have no relevance to them at all. Don’t waste this opportunity. If you love your luxury items, get that big leather couch in front of a giant flat-screen, next to your mini-bar filled with the A-Z of liquor. Or if you love your art, make sure to have your artistic inspiration on display. Whatever it is, create the man cave that your friends with partners dream about every night..


1. Most Suitable Bachelor
A dark gray canopy bed, second focal point of this room. Butisn't that backdrop interesting? it sure is! A very creative piece of artwork. There are some Art Decor features here too.  
what you need to complete the rest of your Bachelor Pad interior

 <---- Ferrari and Sky Car Garage

<----- Valentino Perfume

Eames Chair ->



2. Bedroom Attic

Black and white portraits are installed on the wall of this bedroom that is located on the attic. What covers the floor geometric shaped are trung in grey. Above the bed is a head board where some items are being displayed.

what you need to complete the rest of your Bachelor Pad interior

                        Rufus Sofa

                                                 Eames Chair -------->

2. Boy's Dream Pad

It is such an awesome idea to use a map as a background for you bedroom. It brings out the explorer in you and is an interesting piece of art in your space. Notice that one used wooden pallet for bed's frame where books are stored on the flooring side.

what you need to complete the rest of your Bachelor Pad interior

<----- Beer Cap Map

Model Yacht ---->

<----- Contemp Chair

Sign Letter --->



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13 December 2015 

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