My new year has begun at the end of 2011. When I was graduating from high school, a new life will soon begin as I started to plan the next chapter of my life, college. What will happen to me now from this point, for me it was such an awesome day. No more school is no more. I'm an adult I can do anything. That whole week went by like a flash it was so fast. All I did is sleep, eat and watch television all day. I began to do nothing and nothing, so I starting to write what I wanted to do in life, am I going to college, work, stay at home forever? I did not know the next chapter of my life. It stayed like that for while and lots of other things happened..........
Late 2012, somehow I did not know I decided that I will go to college, choices were interior design, graphic design or architecture.

It was Interior Design!

Everyone thought that interior design was all about designing and decorating the interior of a home.
It was nothing like that, nothing like you thought all, lecturer/ teacher were great, only some. First semester started, it began with an afternoon class from 5 to 9pm there were 10 to 15 people in the class, all of my classmates were older than me, only a couple are my age. We began learning about drawing and doing things with hands. It all felt like it had nothing to do with interior design, more like an art class after school for children..........

From time to time I think a good design is what you think it looks pretty and stylish, but on paper and according to the teachers, it was wrong, It was more of design, function, ergonomic, construction and all the shitty things that need a home t function and livable by people.

But all things teachers says are true, but I feel that we are learning things that we may never use in life ever again, just like subject in high school, like history, chemistry and all other boring subject that still now I have never used it..........

All these interiors are many of my favourite works done by great designers, simple but yet elegant and functional in many ways. Teachers might dislike all these designs because they all have their own thoughts about it and that's fine. Who cares about them in the end once I graduate it's all about me and my future client who will like or dislike my design..........

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5 October 2015

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