What Do I Do When I Am Really Bored.
Well Well Well....

First thing first you must take out a note pad write down what you need to do or what you want to do and see. It's only a brainstorm just think of anything at all no limit what so ever.

Now!......got the list fold it and keep it in your pocket. Now are you at school, home, uni or maybe a break if not on holiday or break wait till the weekend and do it, cause you should not skip school. 

"Keep Paper Safe"

Ohk...! Now you are free from all of that its time to start. first thing first: list the places around your city that you have been to or your city is famous for. Comment down below now and than continue reading the next things.......

Now if you have commented the place, and maybe check out all other comment see if any of them are like yours. If not visit Google and such: Things to do in (city name) | for example "Things to do in Texas" and the list is like forever long. 

Now bring out that piece of paper and see if you have any thing on the list that matches or close to your search. If Yes you may continue reading If No than you now have to compromise and make a new list that you have search and found. 

"Never say their are nothing to do around your town, Their are Millions of new opportunities await. You just need to find what you love. It could Food? Fashion? Cake? Market? Dancing? Anything that makes you smile"

Now here are some places that I love to visit when I'm bored to death. So by now you must have found some places, Now! go along and explore the world.



City View

South Brisbane Wheel

Roma Street Parkland

Thanks for reading

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