How Do You Travel? How Do You Live? How To Make Yourself Happy?


 Mt Tambourine Vineyard & Winery

Ice-cream & Fudge Shop

George's Paragon Restaurant

Cuckoo Clock Nest

How do I do this, How do I do that?

All of these question came into my mind one day, for I started thanking note in my little space I have left in my brain.........

I have never thought of my life in a positive manner, never thought my world could change so much in one day, or even a second of a single thought in my mind. It struck me, why am I being like this, thinking too much will not get me anywhere, no more over thinking, like when I started writing AintsamBlog, I did not think about that long, at least an hour I say. I just started writing and writing on a piece of not pad. Than, I thought again, this is great, and I felt like I need to share it with someone of some people, so...that is how this blog has started.

Look where I am now, Its been 3 Months since I started writing and Blogging 2 times a week, I really do want to Blog everyday, but I am a very worried person and thinks that readers might get bored and leave and never come back.

So what I did is post twice a week, and during every week, everywhere I went I tool pictures and share the beautiful pictures with everyone who, jump on the Internet and found this page. 

So these are the photo I took when I travel up to a Mountain called Mt Tambourine, It is up high, and it was such a beautiful sunny, so I decided to take my family and I up for Lunch and Ice-cream and spend the whole afternoon up there. Don't even want to brag about the weather, it was so perfect that I don't even want to come back down and head home. These are now the things I do, no matter how much I work, I will find time to write to take a break and let everything go and live a happy life that everyone dream to have.

Thank you for reading

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