How To Live Life Like A Dream


If you wanted to know how my day is going, Today was such a great day, sunny bright and sunshine blue beautiful sky. From the start of early morning till the sun had set. It was such an amazing. Today, another birthday celebration that I celebrated for someone really special to me and my family. Every one was there, friends and family. One of the the say I enjoyed very much, it has been a while since I had this much fun.

 I love having people around me, love talking, hanging out and enjoy a little bit of fun in life and not taking it so serious, as I do at work everyday for 52 weeks a year, maybe not that much, as I always exaggerate a lot. I love to work, live and enjoy life as much as I can. I know Everyone wants the same too, no ought it is  tough to do it everyday, I know it. 

But one day of my happiness can last me a while. Its the memories that you make in each of those day(s), What matters is whether you want to take it or leave it. Take the best moments, leave the once that is unhappy behind and forget about it. That's how you do it!. It might be really hard but your only human, just try, you just need to give it a go, and I am sure you will succeed. But keep in mind that one mistake that people make, is forget, forgotten about it. You have to keep doing it, keep going and doing as much as possible and it will be a breeze, before you even know it. You will feel so happy and proactive and feel so proud of your self.

These are more photos that I took along Brisbane river
and sunset on my way home. #nofilter

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