So if you have ever read Ain't Sam's Blog, We have never done any reviews or share any product that we used, cause we never use anything much really. We receiveD an email regarding to this blog, asking if we would like to do a review, so we will now give it a go.

1. Sukin, Mist spray: it is similar to a Toner but more natural and more towards, hydration of Skin. Great product but can't be use alone, must be use last after all you moisturiser and stuff like that. 

Scale: 7/10

Price $9-$13 AUD

2. Proactive: Toner and Moisturiser. Never a big fan of this product but, Once I have used it, I am happy with the result, not much with the Toner and face wash only the Moisturise, the only thing that I liked, it did great for my skin and happy with the result of it.

Scale: 5/10
Price: first pack $29.99

3. Samsung Galaxy S4: Great phone did most of the thing I needed, not overly expensive, but not that great either. I brought it from an international store, so it is an international version and this Samsung. I had this phone for over 3 months now, and it is great.

Scale: 8/10

Price: $350- $500. not include shipping.
Features: Camera, 12-13 Megapixel, 1080p video.
Super AMOLED, 5 inches display, 4G and ect.  

(took a while to ship, and not free shipping)

4. Ipod-Touch 4G: I bought this one a while, ago great ipod for doing things like music, apps, facetime and things at home and anywhere with wifi. overall I loved the experience it gave me but after all the new Iphones that you can buy, Ipod is not longer needed, so I decided that I will be selling, not on this blog but maybe on ebay or at a store that will buy it.

Scale: 9/10

Price: $199 AUD/NZ/US (not sure)
Shop: Apple Store.

Thanks for taking your time to read.
AintSamBlog_Team member.

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