"The Pancake Manor"

Pancake/ice cream/chicken crepe

Right in the central part of Brisbane, A Food/Sweet little warm place called The pancake manor. Hidden in the middle of the city of Brisbane between buildings. There, I fine, Than I walked inside, it was like another world, homey, cosy and lovely like being back home. Along Charlotte street, Brisbane CBD.

Food: 10 out of 10, I had an enjoyable lunch, Chicken crepe and Pancake (ice-cream). Don't even ask about the price, best ever priced. 
(Even a bar down stairs)

Services was average, overall the best thing there, was the massive sized pancake, biggest one I had ever had. I did considered ordering 2, but one was enough treat for that day.

Thanks you for a great lunch.
Best of all it opens 24-7.

"Happy Me"

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