Saturday Morning......

Starting off my glory weekend with breakfast, joyful and fun lovely day. Spending all day with my family, went for breakfast, had pancake, toast, eggs and a black tea. nothing is better.
It was a beautiful morning, just after a shower of rain the night before and fresh cut grass, plus the smells of the lovely morning coffee and burned wood.

Afternoon lunch and than movies, with pop corn and coke. Saw 'Maleficent". It was a beautiful story of "Sleeping Beauty". Anyone one wants to see or went to see it, I hope it is a great movie for you.

I try my best, to spend everyday worth every bit, the best that I as much as possible. So decided to take my family and I out to dinner, at a Malaysian Restaurant, it was beautiful and the prices was wonderful.

I am off to a little cousin birthday party tomorrow morning will write all about it soon......

Thanks For Reading.

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