"I want to meet someone that likes me" 

For many long days and years I have been searching and looking out for that one person that will be by my side, I have not yet find.

From first stage of knowing what the meaning of "LOVE" is. I went passed so many people, went through a normal typical section of life at different stages. From birth till now, I went through tears of sadness and laughters of joy. But never have found the perfect one. My family are the people who have change my life so much in 20 years. I get to live in 2 continents in less than 20 years moved countries over 4 times in less that 8 years......

I felt sad when I leave all the people behind me, no matter how easy it is to connect to them over the internet. no matter how far we are, true friends and family never will forget me (thats what I believed). "NOW" at this moment everyone have forgotten 


Once upon a time in my early teens, I have the most fullish thoughts. Thoughts of leaving my precious life, and my families behind me and take a chance of living life in the open sky and make my way for god, and leave this earth forever. Until the moment, that changed my life for ever.....



(my stupid story will continue and it will have good moments)

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