It was such an amazing time visiting Thailand. it has been so wonderful to see all the family members of mind. apart of me miss this country so much. But once I am here, it's totally a different story. For a traveler like my self things may not turn out the way you think it should be, just go along with it and make every day the best day of your day. So I set of on a journey. First I visited a Thai temple that is really exotic, it was decorated with glass, marble and broken tiles every where around the temple. The view above the temple looking out towards the giant Buddha, and 360 degrees of the surrounding view, It was such an amazing opportunity.  

From a traveler perspective. I would recommend every single of you who are wanting to visit Thailand, Do plan everything ahead. It might be difficult but, once you know the exact places that you wanted to visit, everything will be a lot easier than you think. I my self did not plan to come here, and visit a temple, one thing had lead to another so, I went along with it for the next 7 days
The temple is called Wat Pha Sorn Kaew (วัดพระธาตุผาแก้ว) Located 95 Moo 7, Baan Thang Daeng, Camp Son sub-districtKhao Kho 67280Thailand

Next place on the list that I have visited is a romantic place that many couple and family should visit, Tanrak Talaymok ( แทนรักทะเลหมอก) Location: Khao Kho, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun. It was such a beautiful place to visit, so many great view for a photographer like me, even had a chance to be a casual photographer up on this amazing place. every photo that I have taken up at this area is so amazing and wonderful, one of thew most famous location during winter time on the year.

After an amazing photo shoot at Tanrak Talaymok, we all headed to a waterfall near by and spend sometime having lunch and afternoon, and chill out for that time. Luckily at the end of the say, we found a place to stay for the night at this amazing resort that was cheap and wonder quiet and peaceful and so much room for everyone to sleep.

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